Collection rehang at Floreat House

Annie Morris, Stack 9, Ultramarine Blue 2016 Steel, concrete, polystyrene, plaster, sand, raw pigment 235 cm
Bram Bogart FĂȘte Javel 1960 Homemade paint (pigment, oil, glue, watercolour) on canvas 247 x 174 x 8 cm
Bram Bogart Strooblokken, 1964 Homemade paint (pigment, oil, glue, watercolour) on artist made board/canvas 125 x 102 cm
Daniel Silver Untitled (Woman) 2010 marble, wood, plaster, paint and fabric 159 x 53 x 40 cm
The Korda Room, Installation shot (from l to r) Sachin Kaeley, David Hockney (book), Joanna Kirk, Martin Creed
Petra Cortright 007goldeneye.sexual_videoconferencing_characterscheatsharks.edu
Emma Hart The Private Eyes (Tape Measure), 2014
Ibrahim El Salahi The Tree
Ibrahim El Salahi Oxford Tree 2001 Pen, ink and coloured ink on Bristol board 121 x 95 cm
The Nightingale Room Installation shot, inc.: Desire Dolron XTERIORS XVII 2019 Kodak Endura Print 175 x 210 cm
Emma Hart Me Me Me Me 2017 Glazed Ceramic and Steel 67 x 70 x 70 cm
The Music Room Installation shot Douglas White (x 2) Both: Lichtenberg Drawing (2019) 10,000 Volts on Valchromat 210 x 52 cm
The Music Room Detail installation shot inc.: Carol Bove Untitled (Parkett) 2009 7.7 x 23 x 7.7 cm
Gabriele Beveridge Grace & Mercy 2016 Found posters, feathers, hand-blown glass, pearlescent glass, chrome shop fitting, artist frames, chains.
Christopher Orr Some Time of This Day Oil on canvas 72 x 61 cm

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