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Oliver Laric: Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
2 October - 9 January 2022

Still from Betweeness (2018)

Modern Forms is delighted to have donated Betweenness (2018) by Oliver Laric to the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. 

The work went on show at the museum on 2 October and runs until 9 January 2022. The exhibition was launched with an in-person discussion by artist Oliver Laric, Stedelijk curator Karen Archey and Modern Forms’ Director Nick Hackworth.

About the work and exhibition

Betweeness is the first museum solo exhibition of multimedia artist Oliver Laric in the Netherlands.
In his artistic practice, Oliver Laric (Innsbruck, 1981, lives and works in Berlin) explores themes such as hybridity, authorship and authenticity. Working across video, 3D-printed sculpture and installation art, Laric’s artwork demonstrates the ways in which imagery has been (re-)used throughout time, and remains available – to be recycled, over and over, in inventive and contemporary ways.

For Betweenness (2018), he uses found material for animations in ever-changing configurations of lines, which continuously morph into images of organic phenomena such as animals, plants, fungi and humanoid figures.

The animations that make up Betweenness mark Laric’s interest in transformation and the moments between moments: “I like [it] when there’s an openness or a generosity to a form that can just become and continue to become, and is never fixed as an entity.”

This work is part of Laric’s ongoing exploration into the different processes and ambiguities within today’s visual culture. Paired with a musical score composed by musician and producer Ville Haimala, these visuals create an atmosphere that thrives on perpetual movement and change. In the continuous transitions between the fleeting fragments, interpretations of the visible remain in flux. The resulting state of ebb and flow highlights the interconnectedness and everchanging nature of things, as well as the repetitions and reconfigurable nature of the visual impulses of which they are made.

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