Shezad Dawood
‘Leviathan Cycle, Episode 3: Arturo’, 2017

Leviathan Cycle (2017–) envisages a future eerily like our present, whose inhabitants are the survivors of a cataclysmic solar event. The episodes are developed by Dawood in dialogue with a wide range of marine biologists, oceanographers, political scientists, philosophers, neurologists and trauma specialists. Each film – of which five are now complete – is written from the point of view of an individual character, and their fictional narratives are carefully interwoven with archival footage, linking the looming spectre of climate breakdown to human-scale stories.

Episode 3: Arturo

Ben and Yasmine arrive at a strange and enigmatic community based on an island in the lagoon of Venice. They engage in scavenging raids to the mainland and partake in the group’s Bacchanalian orgies. Their gluttonous sexual vagrancy is paralleled with images of overfishing and unnecessary cruelty in the fishing industry of the Mediterranean.

This screening is part of a special Leviathan Broadcast Season staged in collaboration with ArtReview, Modern Forms, David Roberts Art Foundation and The Ryder.

Episodes will be screened weekly here and as part of ArtReview’s Movie Club

Tune in to David Roberts Art Foundation‘s Broadcasts: Podcast on Thursday 11 June for a special conversation between Shezad and long-term collaborator, coral specialist Professor Madeleine van Oppen. Professor van Oppenis an ecological geneticist with an interest in microbial symbioses and climate change adaptation of reef corals. Her current research advances possible survival strategies for coral through assisted evolution in the face of mass bleaching and accelerated global warming.

The podcast coincides with the online release of Episode 4: Jamilawhich DRAF will host on their Broadcasts: On Screen between Thursday 11 June – Wednesday 24 June.

From Thursday 21 May, every Thursday for five weeks: Look out for a series of weekly posts on The Ryder’s Instagram, where Shezad will answer questions with special guests, in connection with his solo show at The Ryder,LeviathanDreams of a future past -now extended until 31 July.

The first question will be from Nuria Enguita, Director of Bombas Gens Valencia.Subsequent questions will come from agents in the art world including: Aaron Cezar (Director, Delfina Foundation, London), Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza (Founder & Director, TBA21), Claudia Segura (Curator of Exhibitions and Collection, MACBA, Barcelona), and Zehra Jumabhoy (Art Critic & Historian).

For updates, follow @leviathancycle on Instagram and Twitter and @artreview_magazine  @modern_forms @draf_art and @the_ryder_projects.

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