On Art and Ecology

Modern Forms and ArtReview  present On Art and Ecology. A conversation with Stefanie Hessler and Samuel Solnick, moderated by Ben Eastham.

On Art and Ecology will consider how new ideas around ecological systems and human engagement with the environment are feeding into the practice of contemporary art and literature.

The talk is part of a series co-curated by Modern Forms and Art Review investigating the twinned themes of complexity and emergence, two terms deriving from systems theory now gaining a wider currency in contemporary art.

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Desiree Dolron, Xteriors XVII, 2018

Shaan Syed, Double Minaret (With Applied Half-Disc) and Minaret (yellow red), 2017, 2020

Jenny Saville, Out of One, Two (Symposium), 2016

Bram Bogaert, Epiphanie, 1959