Friday, 15 December 2017

Marguerite Humeau – Riddles

7pm, Friday, 15 December at the ArtReview Bar

Modern Forms x ArtReview

Marguerite Humeau will be discussing her recent body of work, Riddles, that she has unveiled over five shows this year at New York’s High Line, Clearing Gallery, Schinkel Pavilion, Haus Konstruktiv and most recently Château de Versailles.

The project takes the form and meaning of the sphinx as its starting point. A hybrid of human and animal, the mythological Sphinx is itself an enigma, both protector and killer, a guardian of thresholds that devours anyone unable to answer its riddle. Humeau uses the idea of the Sphinx as a metaphor to explore the global security apparatus that has mushroomed since the start of the War on Terror, which Sphinx-like, promises both protection and threat to the general population.

The event is part of a collaboration between Marguerite Humeau and Modern Forms. A commissioned video work, based on her sculpture, Sphinx Otto Protecting Earth from Humankind, will be going live on and, in December.

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