Emotional Fields: Carolina Mazzolari, Marina Warner & Nick Hackworth in conversation

“The language of emotions she is developing in the work connects with foremothers who were pioneers in declaring the materiality of the body and its processes: Carolee Schneemann (who as I write I learn has just died, at the age of 79), and Mary Kelly. However, while the tapestries and the mixed media works belong in this feminist story, the textile pieces also continue a different strand of the avant garde, engaging in the struggle to find a way of visualising inner states. Mazzolari’s Emotional Field artefacts, such as “Love”, “Hesitation” and “Matrix” , are the materialisation of elusive states of mind; the figures of Isis” and Pan” and “The Great Mother” are textured apparitions — portraits — in this world of otherworldly beings.”

— Marina Warner on the work of Carolina Mazzolari

On the occasion of her solo show Emotional Fields at Tristan Hoare Gallery, Carolina Mazzolari joins Marina Warner and Nick Hackworth in conversation.

The talk will discuss Mazzolari’s recent textile works and specifically explore the ideas of Carl Jung that have been influential in her creative process.

For further information on Carolina Mazzolari’s work:

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Emma Hart, Pony 2 , 2015

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, People in Trouble, 2011

Patrick Alston, Belonging, 2021

Gabriele Beveridge, Dead Skin Living, 2016