Body & Borders

Modern Forms presents Body & Borders, an event held in collaboration with VO Curations, curated by Mania Akbari & Douglas White.

To coincide with their collaborative exhibition Mr Majidi and the Electricity Box Iranian filmmaker Mania Akbari and British sculptor Douglas White have curated the cultural event Body and Borders featuring screenings from 10 contemporary artists whose works explore the physical, political, emotional and sensual borders of the modern corporeal experience. The screening will be followed by a panel disucssion.

The program will explore the central theme of the body and the deeply entangled narratives and power structures that surround it. The borders are shifting. Spaces of interaction, be they visual, haptic or social, are being manipulated and reframed. In this selection of films we see a renewed sense of agency, a reclaiming of narratives, whether through the summoning of transformational spirits, the hijacking of medical haptic technologies, or the questioning of established modes of portraiture.

Screenings will include the work of Johann Arens, Mania Akbari & Douglas White, Lucy Clout, A K. Dolven, Barbara Hammer, Carlos Motta, Lynne Sachs, Margaret Salmon, Mark Street, Jessica Sarah Rinland and Miranda Pennell.

A panel discussion, moderated by Nick Hackworth of Modern Forms, will follow the screenings, featuring Mania Akbari, Johann Arens, Lucy, Clout, Miranda Pennell, Margaret Salmon and Douglas White, to discuss the body and associated power structures.

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Anousha Payne, Surahonne (a flowering mask), 2021

Samara Scott, Lonely Planet II, 2016

Urara Tsuchiya, Untitled, 2019

Hector Acre-Espasas, Jeans, 2017