Beyond Leviathan: Leviathan Legacy

Building on the Leviathan film series, the Leviathan Legacy VR Trilogy jumps 150, 300 & 500 years into the future (respectively). The first part has been developed by working creatively with Marine Science researchers to inform the narrative structure and world-building of an immersive journey future-forecasting 150 years from now, where rising sea levels and calcification of the oceans have led to new hybrid species and social hierarchies.

Akin to world-building science-fiction, this project uses cutting-edge research to imagine and place the viewer in the middle of a plausible, and yet playful narrative journey through our coastal and marine environment of the future. Informed through ongoing dialogue and discussions with Marine biologists, Marine Engineers, Oceanographers and futurists – each instalment imagines the speculative future of reef ecosystems, interspecies hybridity and aquatic moons.