Shaan Syed
Double Minaret (With Applied Half-Disc) and Minaret (yellow red), 2017, 2020

Shaan Syed, Double Minaret (With Applied Half-Disc) and Minaret (yellow red), 2017 / 2020

The work

‘More interesting, however, is how Syed imbues these shapes with vitality and colour, leaning into the aesthetics of Indian tantra paintings, road signs, and advertisements in a way that moves closer to the divisional paintings of Blinky Palermo or the post-colonialist, vibrant waves of Mohamed Melehi’s Seventies output. Director of Freehouse Darren Flook elucidates on these influences, describing how his pre-show conversations with Syed have centred on a variety of cultural, contextual works, ranging from Christopher Wool’s ‘The Harder You Look The Harder You Look,’ to the representation of Muslims in the films of the artist’s childhood, resulting in what Flook describes as ‘a mixed-heritage, grand, abstract take on Ed Ruscha’s stripped down vision of the American pop landscape.’


Mazzy-Mae Green, Modern Matter